What has to be taken into consideration in terms of the treatment costs?

We will put together an individualised cost assessment for you for an outpatient consultation or for the planned inpatient treatment at Inselspital. The individualised treatment contract comprises, based on the information available, all the anticipated costs incl. consultations, medical treatments, technical services, hospital services and fees.

In accordance with the hospital guidelines the costs / financing for the treatment must be guaranteed before the start of the treatment. A corresponding guaranty of costs from your recognised insurer is sufficient for this or, if you are meeting the costs yourself, you pay in advance via a bank transfer or credit card. This advance payment covers the full cost of the anticipated treatment costs.

Once your treatment has been completed Inselspital will calculate the cost of the actual treatment delivered. If the advance payment is greater than the final invoice, you will be refunded the excess amount. However, you might also be required to make a subsequent payment, e.g. if unexpected complications arose or additional services were necessary/required.